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Commonly Requested Topics

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
Just Breathe! Little Things that Make a Big Difference
Fuel, Don't Drain!...All About Eating Right
Think, Think, Think...The Power of Our Miraculous Minds
The Martha Principle...Urgent vs Important
YOLO: Lessons from Eve & Esther

Choosing What Defines Me
That the Works of God Should Be Made Manifest
It's a Beautiful World
Knock Knock, Who's There? Opening the Door
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit
Who's On First? Making Each Day a Homerun


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Past Events

  • Adoption Summit 2019

  • Las Vegas Multi-Regional Single Adult Conference

  • Kansas City Missouri Young Single Adult Conference

  • Colleyville Texas Stake Youth Fireside

  • Las Vegas Multiple Sclerosis Support Group

  • BYU Provo Student Ward Fireside

  • Henderson Lake Mead Stake Youth Conference

  • Idaho Falls Seminary Morningside

  • Dallas Sunshine Sisters Book Club

  • Additional Events - Testimonials Available Upon Request